Why Escorts Do Not Use Their Real Names?

Why Escorts Do Not Use Their Real Names

The escorts are known to use their names and like any other person in the business; they also use it to market themselves. Sometime escorts use pseudonyms or stage name in order to protect themselves against stalking, arrest or stigma. The name also helps the women to get in the character and to project the working personality, the person whom the character is paid for.

Escorts may use two different extra names

This entire service and industry had been predicted online and the woman has to swallow the humiliation and anger many times and to be able to entertain the strangers. However, this is not something easy and the sex workers may fail to keep their emotions bottled up for a long period. Sometime they feel as if they are disgusted about their work and the infuriating aspect of the job. This is why the sex workers decide to create another online personality and a third identity. This is where they are capable of feeling fee to talk about them and to speak candidly. They normally choose to use a second pseudonymous identity on Twitter or through other online identities, which tend migrating around different platforms. They do create the space where they may be protected against the stalking, arrest and stigma but at the same time, they are able to offer the service to their clients.

Some girls do not keep one second name but different ones. Some do not use the names that clients are accustomed since they want to look good to them. However, they do create a second identity where they will be free to complaint on the clients, to discuss on the injustice that it is happening and then to brag about their children.

Why escorts choose to use a different name

The clients do not want to know that the work interfere with the family live and it is not good to let the clients know what you are thinking about. The clients can talk about their lives using a third identity and some of these identities had been created just for venting reason. Even if some sex workers may be purposefully bad and willfully, some may be working on clear rule that there will be no use of the real name. Some people do use their secret identity because of a reason and trying to manipulate or to match their anonymity to real people can be hard.

The sex workers decide to keep secretive life because of the demands of their third identity. It is not about the need of diversion, but it is a proper necessity. It is the way of digesting the experience that are sometime confusing, traumatic and dangerous. They may not be managed on their own. The pressure which the civilians may feel when it comes to keep the emotional lives private is more compounded when it comes to the sex workers since they may have to hide the individual realities to the public discussion.

However, in some cases, the gorgeous ladies may have to divulge their really identity like when they have to be paid by credit cards or have to take a trip with a client. Some escorts who have a client that they come to like or whom they have been seeing for a long period, they may feel free to talk about their private life. However, such degree of trust is rare and it is only possible with the people whom someone is able to trust in a complete manner. Some escorts may decide to tell someone about their really names if there is a total necessity for the client to know their names, otherwise, there is no need to do so.


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